CFP® Certification is Recognized as the Highest Standard in Personal Financial Planning.

Research conducted by Aite Group shows that CFP® certification can be a key differentiator for firms and individual financial professionals that are seeking to improve the quality and scope of their advice to both clients and peers.

  • CFP® professionals earn 26% more than other financial advisors.
  • 70% of CFP® professionals surveyed believe CFP® has had a positive impact on client trust and confidence.
  • Practices with CFP® professionals generate 40% more revenue than firms without.
  • Practices with CFP® professionals attract 53% more high-net-worth clients than firms without.


In Today's Financial Environment CFP® Professionals Are Essential.

Your competition is growing. The number of other "financial planners” competing for your current and future clients is increasing now more than ever before.

Additionally, many Americans' finances are growing much more complex – that means you (and your firm) need to differentiate yourself with comprehensive and dynamic services. Today's demanding clients expect much more from Financial Planners than they have in the past. The financial planner's role has evolved beyond standard investment planning to include budgeting, retirement planning, tax strategies, funding for education, managing insurance needs and more. Bringing all the pieces of your client's financial life together is a challenging task, but as a CFP® professional you will be ready to do exactly that.


Become Instantly Recognized as a Trusted and Knowledgeable Resource.

Upon completing the extensive education, examination, experience and ethics requirements of CFP® you are at once recognized as trusted, experienced and knowledgeable. Your current clients, your peers and (most importantly) your future clients will immediately identify you as someone who clearly understands the complexities of the changing financial climate. Furthermore, CFP® conveys that you can be relied upon for recommendations that are always in the best interest of your clients and your firm.

CFP Board recently interviewed six CFP® professionals. Each interviewee explains their reasons for becoming a CFP® professional. They also speak to the benefits that CFP® certification has provided both them personally and their clients. Click here to view these interesting firsthand accounts.

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