Hello Prospective CFP® Candidate,

I am the Program Director for the Bryant University Online Certificate in Financial Planning. I am also a practicing financial advisor and CFP® professional. As I'm sure you can tell, finance is a definitely a passion of mine. It's a passion that I express in two ways... through the running of my own client centric business and through teaching.

The CFP® designation has helped my business grow immensely over the years. I've added new clients, retained key existing clients and greatly expanded the services that I provide to both subsets.

Today's investors are moving away from basic registered reps and family accountants. The trend is now clear and established. They are deciding to put their faith in easily recognized and trusted CFP® professionals.

So, how do you attract and then satisfy the complex needs of a considerably more knowledgeable client base?

The answer is simple... maintain your competitive edge by choosing the certification and the financial education program that teaches you how to operate in an increasingly more demanding environment. As you know, CFP® has become the gold standard in our industry. And Bryant's CFP® program will prepare you to both attain and put CFP® to work.

I encourage you to learn more about the Self Paced and Virtual Classroom options available at Bryant University. Click around and enjoy the site!

I also want to congratulate you for deciding to pursue CFP® certification. Lastly, I want to thank you for considering Bryant University. I hope to welcome you soon as a member of our financial education community.

Best regards,

Brendan P. Flaherty, MSF, CFP®, CIMA®

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