CFP® Questions & Misconceptions: Tax Planning

Posted by Adam Scherer, CFP®, MS

Nov 17, 2023

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Every year, the BIF Crew responds to thousands of questions from the students enrolled in the Bryant/BIF CFP® education program & the BIF Review. In our newest BIF Bites podcast mini-series “CFP® Questions & Misconceptions” we’ll share these FAQs, plus, the concepts that are most likely to cause confusion.

This week, Adam delivers some tax fact-checks! He covers AGI v. taxable income, capital gains & tax rates, MAGI, business deductions, and HSA tax benefits.

Listen in for CFP® enlightenment.


The BIF Bites podcast covers topics that are important to those seeking CFP® certification and really anyone that wants to better understand the financial services industry in general.

Adam Scherer, CFP®, MS is the Co-Director of Curriculum at the Boston Institute of Finance (BIF) and has over decade's worth of experience in the financial services industry.


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