BIF Success Stories: How Shirley Passed CFP® Exam

Posted by Adam Scherer, CFP®, MS

Dec 31, 2021

We are constantly impressed by our students at The Boston Institute of Finance. Juggling careers, families and more while studying is the norm around here. Shirley did all of that and then some. She recently sat down with us to share her inspirational story that's filled with perseverance and determination. We hope you enjoy.


Adam: Hello, everyone, and welcome again to another session of BIF success stories, where we take a look at the real-life people behind all of the CFP® prep and the real struggles and the real triumphs that happen along the way in pursuit of their CFP® marks. Today, I am honored to have Shirley Sanchez joining the BIF Success Stories platform. Shirley, how are you?

Shirley: I'm well, Adam, how are you doing today?

Adam: Great. Shirley and I work together as she was preparing for her exam, on the exam prep side, and I discovered, I think after you had passed, just how impressive your story and some of the potential challenges were. I think you had shared with me that you were pregnant throughout the entire preparation process, right? Even education. Is that right?

Shirley: Yes, I was. I was pregnant. I took a long time to study. I wanted to pass the first time, so I took it very seriously and I was pregnant. I had my baby about a month after I took the exam. I have two kids now, the first one I had while I was doing my education, I had one while I did the education, and then I had another one while I was studying for the exam. And they're both healthy and great and have financial knowledge in their brain, I'm sure from all my studying.


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