A CFP® Exam Taker’s Guide to the SECURE Act

The SECURE Act is the largest and most comprehensive update to the CFP® Exam material since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The July (now September) 2020 CFP® Exam is the first Exam to test the SECURE Act. In this video Mike and Jerry cover everything you need to know in order to answer any and all SECURE Act questions that come your way. Read More

An Exam Taker’s Guide to CFP® Board’s New Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

CFP® Board has updated their Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct. The November 2019 CFP® Exam is the first Exam to test these new updates. This video breaks down what test takers need to know with regard to the updated Code and Standards. Read More

What I learned from Gary

They say that education is a two-way process between teacher and student. I echo this sentiment loudly and believe that when the learning process is working best, it’s not just the student that’s learning. The teacher is learning too. Read More

Study Tip: Time Management

The ideal CFP learning journey has a lot in common with a marathon that ends with a big kick sprint finish. How do you get the most out of each stage of the CFP "marathon"? Read More