Mini Bite: Charitable Deduction Limits

In this 5-minute video, Jerry discusses the limits on deductions for charitable donations. This is one of the most confusing topics for individuals trying to maximize their tax savings and estate planning goals. On the surface the multiple overlapping rules and limits may seem confusing, but the process is rather simple once you know the steps! Read More

Mini Bite: Non-Qualified Distributions from Roth IRAs

In this 5-minute video Mike discusses the tax treatment of Roth IRA distributions that do not meet the qualified requirements. Many assume that non-qualified distributions will always result in heavy penalties and a big tax bill, but that's not always the case. Mike clearly explains the distribution ordering rules in this video and the results may surprise you. Read More

Mini Bite: Qualified Distributions from Roth IRAs

In this 5-minute video, Mike discusses the requirements for taking a "qualified" (income tax and penalty free) distribution from a Roth IRA. Two key requirements must be satisfied for a distribution to be qualified. Mike explains the nuances of those two requirements as well a few important CFP® Exam points. Read More

Mini Bite: Step-Up in Basis at Death

In this 5-minute video, Mike discusses key points regarding basis adjustments in property transferring at death. An understanding of the concept of “stepped-up basis” is vital for a financial planner to be able to advise clients on the tax consequences of liquidating inherited property. This is a highly testable topic for the CFP® Exam. Read More

Mini Bite: Net Unrealized Appreciation

In this 5-minute video, Mike takes a quick look at an important tax-saving election that may be available to qualified retirement plan participants whose accounts hold employer stock. If a qualified plan invests in employer stock, the participant may be able to have appreciation of the stock taxed at favorable long-term capital gains tax rates upon distribution instead of ordinary income tax rates. Read More

Mini Bite: FDIC Deposit Insurance

In this 5-minute video, Mike explains key aspects of FDIC Deposit Insurance. This is a relevant topic for anyone who owns a bank account. For financial advisers, maximizing your clients FDIC insurance coverage is a great value add and an important topic that is tested on many industry exams such as the CFP Exam. Read More

Mini Bite: Margin Call Calculation

In this 5-minute video, Mike explains how to calculate margin call amounts. Margin calculations are a key topic tested on many financial industry exams such as the Series 7 and the CFP exam. Margin calculations can be complicated with many moving parts, but in this video Mike breaks it down in an easy to understand step by step process. Read More

Mini Bite: Understanding Standard Deviation

In this video we cover the basics of standard deviation, which is used by investors to quantify their exposure to total risk. It is also used to determine a range of returns around the investment’s average return. Read More

Mini Bite: Buy-Sell Purchase Agreements (Entity Purchase)

In this 5-minute video, Mike explains key aspects of Entity Purchase Buy-Sell Agreements. Understanding this estate planning tool enables planners to assist clients with business succession plans. These agreements can help ensure a smooth transition in the event of a business owner's death. Read More

Mini Bite: Homeowners Insurance Coinsurance Clause

In this 5-minute video, Mike explains a key aspect of homeowner’s insurance, the coinsurance clause. Understanding the coinsurance clause enables the planner to assist clients with decisions regarding adequate levels of homeowner’s insurance dwelling coverage. Read More