Answers, Explanations and HP 12c Keystrokes for 5 TMV Practice Questions

Before starting each calculation make sure you clear your calculator! This is a very important habit to get into. Use these Keystrokes to clear: (F, CLX, F, X>Y). Read More

5 TVM Practice Questions for the HP 12c

Getting comfortable with a Financial Calculator is absolutely critical for anyone that is preparing for the CFP Board Examination. The Bryant CFP Program curriculum teaches to the HP 12c Financial Calculator, so in my capacity as a Student Advisor I find myself helping many students get up to speed on the nuances of the 12c. The Boston Institute of Finance has also created a few helpful YouTube videos to help students learn the HP 12c...  Calculator Basics, Finding Interest and Finding PMTs. Read More

Residual Disability Benefit

Assume a monthly pre-disability income of $4,750 and an insurance policy providing $3,500. If during the period of residual disability the earnings are $2,250 per month, the policy will pay $921 during the period of residual disability. The calculation is as follows: Read More

Calculating Yield to Maturity and Current Yield

Assume the following example: a yearly 6.5% coupon paying bond that matures in 5 years is currently selling for $1,050. The Yield to Maturity (YTM) is 5.3344%, here's how to calculate: Read More

Computing the Value of a Dividend Paying Stock

First, it's important to note that the investment decision process consists of the following components: Read More