The HP 12C Financial Calculator

Posted by Brendan Flaherty

May 27, 2016 5:41:35 PM

Which financial calculator should I buy?

There are many financial calculators available and which calculator you choose to use is largely a matter of preference. However, the keystrokes provided throughout the Bryant University’s Online Certificate in Financial Planning are written specifically for the HP 12C financial calculator.

I’m having trouble using my calculator, where can I go for help?

Learning how to use any financial calculator can be tricky. If you are having difficulty learning to perform calculations with your HP12C, just look for the calculator icon in the bottom navigation bar of the program. Clicking this icon will launch the Calculator Keystrokes feature. This helpful “How To” tool will provide you with the formulas and step-by-step keystrokes you need for learning to perform the calculations used throughout the BU Online Program.

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