Supplement your studies with BIF's JAM Sessions.

Videos and audio covering highly testable CFP® topics.
Also, 425 CFP® style practice questions.


The Ideal Exam Prep Supplement.

Some topics are unavoidable. They are the big ones. The ones you absolutely must know.

Our JAM sessions cover the CFP® topics you need to know like the back of your hand.


On-the-go format.

Each JAM session video is also available in an audio-only format that can be streamed on-the-go like a podcast.

Students typically watch each video once or twice before re-listening to the audio several more times before Exam Day.


Customizable Question Bank.

425 CFP® style questions at your disposal.

Do you want a mock exam that mimics the Exam Day experience? Cool.

Or do you want to take a quick quiz on a specific topic area? Also cool.

Why JAM? Watch and See.


The BIF Guys discuss their favorite CFP® acronyms.
Jerry makes a surprising confession.

Adam explains the Financial Planning process steps from CFP® Board's Roadmap to the Code & Standards.
Somehow Iron Maiden plays a role?


I'm a 55 year-old career changer (former banker, then stay-at-home mom). When I started my CFP® journey I was excited and eager, but the dry study materials I purchased zapped me back to reality. Studying quickly became a tedious and mind numbing chore.

That all changed when one of my study group members referred me to the JAM sessions. They are full of life, clarity, graphics, acronyms and humor. Total game changer. My path to becoming a CFP® has been completely re-energized!

Janet S.

🤘 Let's JAM 🤘

JAM Only

JAM ONLY  $495  $295

  • 120 Days of Access to BIF's JAM Sessions (videos and audio).
  • 120 Days of Access to 425 JAM questions.

JAM and Question

JAM + QBank  $690  $445

  • 120 Days of Access to BIF's JAM Sessions (videos and audio).
  • 120 Days of Access to 425 JAM questions.
  • 120 Days of Access to BIF's ($195 value).

Formula Course

Formula Sheet Course $195

  • 120 Days of Access to BIF's Formula Sheet course.

JAM Session and Formula Sheet Course enrollments are non-refundable.