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Certified Mutual Fund Specialist Program


What our students are saying...

"I have recommended your program to our training department. I believe your program contains a wealth of knowledge for associates new to the mutual fund industry. My work experience at Russell has been focused in Operations. It was beneficial for my career to have a larger overview of the industry. This program was challenging and informative. I appreciated the web format and self direction which allowed me to complete the program in a timely manner, while still being able to perform my daily work functions."

- Denise McEachin , Russell investment Group

"Awesome course! I would recommend it to anyone truly interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of the mutual fund business."

- Jeff Grasser , UMB Bank

"I highly recommend the Certified Mutual Fund Specialist program. The information is informative and useful at the same time. The tests were actually fun to take over and over again because the information was that interesting. I would love to have had the course in hard copy to use as reference material for some of the chapters. All in all, a superior course."

- Michelle Rodriguez , The Hartford Mutual Funds

"In participating in the Certified Mutual Fund Specialist, I enhanced my understanding of mutual fund concepts as well as industry and regulatory practices. The skills and information obtained from these courses have enabled me to contribute and demonstrate industry knowledge and facts in meetings and presentations. The courses were easy to understand and enjoyable to perform. I recommend this program to individuals (at any level) who wish to supplement to start their understanding of the mutual fund industry."

- Henry Kramer , Morgan Stanley

"Coming from a technical background, I found Boston Institute of Finance's Certified Mutual Fund Specialist course an informative and challenging introduction into the Financial Services Industry. I have recommended the course to my whole team."

- Michael Lentini , Pyxis Mobile, Inc.

Tuition $749.00
Program Duration 90 days
Application Deadline Open enrollment, same day access

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