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Colleges and Universities partner with Boston Institute of Finance to effectively combine their brand-name and core-competency in academics with our strengths in e-learning production, lead generation, recruitment, enrollment, and support.

The E-Learning products and services market, includes all aspects of providing on-line education. This market is rapidly growing and is expected to advance to over $76 billion in the next five years. This growth is being driven by the strong trend in Business Process Outsourcing to companies such as Boston Institute of Finance who can provide Institutions higher-margins and faster service through turnkey educational solutions.

Product Development and Production
Our production approach helps Colleges and Universities to leverage their brand and content IP using a scalable, modular and reusable process to bring new and existing courses to a broader market for maximum returns. BIF partner schools are provided with a total online solution, including course development and publishing. BIF develops online courses for undergraduate, graduate, professional development and certification programs. Our courses feature text, exams, assignments, references, study schedulers, announcements, discussion board and graphics. Some course content is enhanced with flash audio and video.

Marketing and Lead Generation
In the area of online marketing, BIF adds tremendous value by bringing high levels of knowledge and experience to bear on pay-per-click and email marketing campaigns. BIF's efforts result in high ROI enabling Universities to maximize net sale revenues. BIF lead generation efforts deliver a targeted audience to providers of classes, degree programs, and related services and allows you to effectively market to this dynamic, growing consumer group, while managing your marketing budget more effectively. BIF marketing assists schools in targeting the appropriate traffic of students, as well as creating an effective mix of marketing strategies to increase enrollments in online programs. Your institution will greatly benefit from working with our marketing team, which has extensive experience in helping schools increase their enrollments.  

Individual and Corporate Enrollments
Because leads are the life-blood of e-learning customer acquisition, BIF has developed a sophisticated CRM-based lead-sales-support system. Believing that sales hinge on immediate and multiple follow-ups, BIF pursues leads with precisely timed phone calls, email, and surveys. On average our call center makes an initial attempt within a few hours of lead form submission, ensuring that we get in touch with interested, qualified leads before any other school. We will continue to attempt contacting the leads multiple times to maximize the contact rate. Each school that engages BIFs call center services will work closely with a dedicated university manager to set up a customized call center program. Our goal is to identify only qualified and genuinely interested prospective students and to provide them with appropriate information pertaining to your programs and courses.

Student and Academic Support
Customer support tracks and assists students from enrollment to completion providing support, guidance and encouragement to maximize each students' potential for success. In addition, academic support can be facilitated by connecting students to subject matter experts through help wizard applications.

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Educational institutions can contact us for more information about partnering with BIF by filling out the contact us form and choosing "other" in the drop-down menu. An BIF account executive will contact you and provide you with all the necessary information to get your program off the ground and online.  



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