How much time does it take to complete the Self-Paced Program?

The average student moves through the Self-Paced Program in a little under a year. Each of the first six courses generally take students between 1 to 2 months to complete and the Capstone course usually takes an additional 1 month. Fun fact: the record for completion is 47 days!

We realize that our typical student is a working professional with a family. That's why we grant students enrolled in a Full Self-Paced Program 21 months of 24/7 access to all 7 courses. The extra time allows our students to take a break if something unexpected comes up without compromising their ability to complete the Program.

Can I upgrade to the Instructor-led Program if I fall behind schedule or need a little extra help?

Yes, those are two of the most common reasons students elect to join a Virtual Classroom cohort. Students that begin to fall behind their intended schedule may need more structure than is available in the Self-Paced Program. Each Virtual Classroom cohort breaks Bryant's CFP® curriculum into 18 smaller, more manageable sections. Students then work through each section 2 weeks at a time.

The Virtual Classroom also provides direct access to Bryant's CFP® Instructors. The result is ideal for students that need guidance from Bryant's CFP® program instructors, who are all practicing CFP® professionals.  

The Self-Paced Program is excellent for self-starters with strong time management skills. Students within the industry are often well suited to the Self-Paced Program and enjoy the autonomy provided. The Self-Paced Program allows you to move through the curriculum in any order. For example, a tax professional might start with the Tax Planning course.

Can I take just one Virtual Classroom? What is the cost?

Yes, you can. This is an excellent option for a student that is efficiently moving through the Self Paced Program, but needs reinforcement on one particular course or topic. Adding Virtual Classroom sessions is a quick and easy way to boost your knowledge base within that one course. The cost is minimal at $150. Call 800-329-4996 to learn more.

Is Bryant really a top 5 Business School?

Yes, USA Today ranked Bryant as the #5 school for business in 2015-16. This means the Certificate of Completion you hang in your office after completing the Bryant program (with an average score of 80% or higher) will be both a point of pride and recognizable to prospective clients.

Want more structure? Learn about Bryant's powerful Virtual Classroom Program.