How does the Virtual Classroom Program differ from the Self-Paced Program?

Bryant University's Online Certificate in Financial Planning is a comprehensive online Program that meets the core curriculum requirement to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination. All Program graduates (Virtual and Self Paced) may sit for the exam. The Virtual Classroom Program is an optional, but highly effective and recommended add-on to the core curriculum.

The Virtual Classroom Program provides both structure and a valuable connection to live Instructors who are all successful practicing CFP® professionals. Virtual Classroom students who adhere to the Program can complete the first six courses in 9 months. The first six courses are followed by the Capstone course, which can be completed in 1 month or less. Students often complete the Capstone simultaneously while working through the prestudy materials for our Exam Prep course. Historically, the Virtual Classroom Program has prepared students exceptionally well for the CFP® Certification Examination in approximately 10 months.

What are the specifics of the Virtual Classroom Program? How does it work?

The fundamental concept behind the Virtual Classroom Program is recognizing that although the Bryant Program is comprehensive and robust in its entirety, breaking the Program into smaller more managable pieces has helped our students immensely with understanding concepts and retention. Virtual Classroom students often complete the Program faster and have a higher pass rate than Self-Paced only students on the CFP® Certification Examination.

Can I enroll for the Virtual Classroom Program if I have already previously started the Self-Paced Program?

Yes, this is actually very common. Depending on a students learning style, the Virtual Classroom sessions can be incredibly helpful. Many students find that they need the edge that the Virtual Classroom provides. Students who are currently enrolled in the Self-Paced Program can choose to join a Virtual Classroom Program cohort that is currently in progress or can choose to wait and start fresh with the upcoming cohort. All Virtual Classroom sessions are archived and accessible 24/7, so students that join a cohort in progress do not miss a beat. Please call 800-329-4996 for more information.

Can I enroll in a single course with the corresponding Virtual Classroom sessions?

Yes, of course!

What happens if I miss a Virtual Classroom session?

Bryant's Virtual Classroom students are granted access to all live sessions. Every live session is then fully recorded and archived. These archived sessions become available the next morning and are thereafter accessible 24/7 for as long as the student is enrolled in the Program. If you miss a session, you can return at a time convenient for you and rewatch as many times as needed. Many students also find the archives to be an excellent resource to leverage as they review for the CFP® Certification Exam.

I am enrolled in another CFP® Education Program. Can I still enroll in Bryant's Virtual Classroom sessions?

No, the Virtual Classroom Program has been specifically designed to help students successfully complete the Bryant University CFP® curriculum.

Bryant does offer an exceptionally reasonably priced Transfer Program which allows students to transfer at any stage. Students who transferred may take any virtual classroom session they want. Please call 857-243-2020 for more information.

Our Virtual Classroom Schedule page will help you find the right Cohort for you.