Put Your CFP® Certification on the Fast Track.

Becoming a CFP® Professional is now easier than ever before. It also takes a lot less time! The Virtual Classroom Program at Bryant University is a highly effective and highly recommended optional add-on to Bryant's self-paced curriculum. Students that choose to study with the Virtual Classroom will be put on track to complete the Education Requirement in just eight months!


Learn from Real Experience. All Bryant Instructors are CFP® Professionals.

We believe that real world experience makes a big difference. All of Bryant's CFP® instructors are practicing CFP® Professionals with at least 10 years of experience helping clients navigate through the specific topics that they instruct. They understand the nuanced challenges that you will face in your future as a CFP®. The team of Bryant instructors is headed by the Bryant CFP® Program Director, Brendan Flaherty, who teaches the Introduction to Financial Planning and Investment Planning courses. Learn more about each instructor and their areas of expertise.


Our Instructor-led Classroom is Designed with the CFP® Exam in Mind.

A new Bryant Virtual Classroom cohort begins each January, May and September. The schedule for each cohort is designed to seamlessly line up with a specific CFP® Board exam cycle. For example, the January cohort moves through the first 6 courses in 9 months, which means students will start the Capstone course in September. This allows students enough time to properly prepare for the November Exam with a quality Exam Review program.

Over our 15 years of delivering CFP® education we have found that this is the optimal schedule. Minimizing the time gaps between completing the Education requirement, preparing for the Exam with a review program and actually sitting for the Exam is key. It is important to keep content fresh as you move from one phase to the next.

Use the Virtual Course Outline to discover what's covered in each Virtual session.

I found the Bryant's Virtual Classroom very informative, easy to access, and thorough in its explanations. It allowed me to complete the CFP Curriculum in nine months.